It was a scary situation at a gas station off Ambassador Caffery Parkway near Cameron Street on Wednesday night.

Julie Esta and her family were headed home after church when her daughter saw a ton of smoke at the Murphy Express gas station on the corner of Ambassador Caffery and Cameron Street. Soon, they realized a car that was parked directly next to one of the gas pumps was on fire.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

As people frantically ran around the vehicle trying to put out the blaze with fire extinguishers, the Esta family called 911 but the Lafayette Fire Department had already gotten the call.

Julie told me how scary it was to watch as the fire seemed to be extinguished but then would burst back into flames.

Soon, the Lafayette Fire Department would arrive and quickly put out the blaze within seconds.


Julie described the chaos that she and her family witnessed from a safe distance and said it seemed like everyone made it out of the situation safely.

When they passed by the aftermath, the vehicle that was on fire was covered in a white film.

While we don't know what started the fire, we will update this story when we receive official word from the Lafayette Fire Department.

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