One Lafayette doctor was recently featured on a national news report as she explained the decision to pull her two children out of school ahead of the upcoming year. With no mask mandate currently in place for the Lafayette Parish School System, new CDC guidelines may lend to the LPSS changing their strategy before the year begins.

Twitter via @DavidBegnaud

With the Centers for Disease Control recently changing their stance on masking indoors for the upcoming school year, the LPSS is considering their options for keeping children and teachers safe during this upcoming school year per the below report. But, before the CDC's change in direction Dr. Britni Hebert spoke with CBS about her plans to take her two young boys out of public school due to the lack of mitigation measures.

CBS reporter and Lafayette native, David Begnaud, sat and listened to Dr. Hebert as she explained her feelings surrounding the mitigation measures currently in place for the Lafayette Parish School System as we approach school-time.

Twitter via @DavidBegnaud

While Dr. Hebert has avenues of both private schools and home-schooling to utilize, she remained frustrated that other parents across Lafayette parish would not have the same option.

See the full interview posted to Twitter by @DavidBegnaud below.

It's important to note again that the CDC recommendation for masking indoors at school in places where COVID is surging came just days after this interview took place. Nevertheless, you can see in the interview how seriously Dr. Hebert takes her children's safety.

According to Hebert, the Lafayette Parish School System's inaction surrounding the rise in COVID cases in the area lends her to believe that they are not valuing her children's safety. She considered a private school, that has followed CDC guidelines, in lieu of sending the two boys back to public school.

"These are real risks and I am not willing to roll the dice with my kids' health", Dr. Hebert said as the interview ended. Begnaud reached back out after the CDC's latest recommendation, to which Hebert said she was relieved that their is more direction in place.

See more details on the latest surrounding COVID cases in Louisiana via @DavidBegnaud below.

While all parents in the Lafayette area prepare to send their children back to the classroom, I believe everyone wants safety to be a top priority. As we continue to see a spike in COVID cases in the region, we will have to wait and see what the Lafayette Parish School System decides on as far as mitigation measures go ahead of the upcoming school year.

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