Sometimes, I have a hard time keeping things in perspective. I know that I am among the many that get stuck, get annoyed, throw myself a pity party, and give up when it comes to the most miniscule of tasks. After reading and watching this story, I am reminded quickly that there is no excuse I can give for throwing in the towel.

Julia Hawkins, aka Hurricane Hawkins, just set a new world record in track recently. She is a Baton Rouge native gaining national attention. Oh, and she is 105 years old.

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Julia is now the only woman AND American to establish a 105+ world record in track and field. She only started running at the young age of 101.

Julia says that she has accomplished far more in life past running. She is a former teacher  (her former students were in the crowd as she broke the record) and she was married for 70 years to her husband Murray, who passed when she was 95 years old.

Louisiana native David Begnaud interviewed Julia for this amazing feat. Julia is so quick witted, smart and didn't seem to really care about her track accomplishments. Compared to her long, amazing life and history, she says this is, "just a drop in the bucket".

I became unexpectedly emotional upon watching this story. I was reminded very quickly of my grandmother, who passed away in 2017. My grandmother was no-nonsense and you couldn't tell her no. She was up tending to her garden and cooking until her body couldn't stand and even then, she tried (sometimes stubbornly) to do what she had been doing all her life. This was a story only David Begnaud could tell, and it caused me to watch this through tear filled eyes.

I was not the only one who got emotional with this awe inspiring story.

Nothing seems to be stopping Mrs. Julia. After her race, she was asked if she will be running again. She said "I'll see how I feel in the morning."

Way to go, Julia. You just made all of us 30 somethings feel TERRIBLE by complaining about two trips to the car for groceries. You also inspire the world to accomplish anything you want, regardless of how old you get. Keep going, Hurricane Hawkins.

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