A local attorney is offering a huge reward for information on the suspects who held his son at gunpoint in an area south of Bunkie. We spoke, by phone, to Digger Earles.

According to Earles, his son was robbed at gunpoint in the vicinity of Highway 29 south of Bunkie at around 10:30 this morning.

Earles tells KTDY 3 men driving a Silver Ford-150 robbed his son at gunpoint.

He is offering a $10,000 to anyone who can help identify who the perpetrators might be.

Earles' son was approaching his home when he noticed a vehicle in the driveway that did not belong.

Upon entering his home he eventually encountered 3 black males suspects who robbed him at gunpoint.

The men are described as being in their 20's and after stealing multiple items, they fled the scene.

When Earles posted about the reward on Facebook, he received this picture:

Truck Seen Near January 24 Robbery

This truck was seen near the site of home robbery that happened on January 24.

Here is the post from Digger Earles put up on Facebook:at around 3:30 Monday afternoon:

$10,000 REWARD:
My son was robbed at gunpoint around 10:30 am this morning on highway 29 south of Bunkie.
3 black males driving a Silver Ford-150 4 door truck that had damage down the side.
I’ll give $10,000 to anyone with information that leads me to these 3 pieces of shit! Just point me in the right direction!
Earles told us this,

"I'm not stopping, I'm coming and I'm not freaking stopping"!

He says he will do anything in his power to identify these men and bring them to justice.

The victim of this incident was not physically injured. Several sheriff's departments are investigating this case. If you know something you can contact them.

Earles adds, if you know something that can identify these people please call his office at the Laborde-Earles Law firm at 337-777-7777.

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