One local artist is helping parents to keep their kids quiet during the stay-at-home mandate.

Well, maybe quiet is a little too ambitious, but a Lafayette creative artist by the name of Aileen Bennett decided to help keep kids creative while they shelter in place during what she described as "a time of chaos" due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Bennett may be best known for her "BE YOU" column (here's one she did on me) where she profiles amazing locals through a series of intriguing questions, but she's a true artist at heart who says she drew inspiration for her "squiggle" contest from her local childhood paper.

Creating Clever

Even though the contest may be geared towards children, many adults are taking part as well as we all try to keep our sanity during these stay-at-home times. Here are just a few of the creative submissions from Aileen's first squiggle.


You can see the full list of the first squiggle submissions here, but Aileen recently issued her second squiggle, so it's not too late to get in on the fun while we all shelter in place.

Even though we're all doing our part to navigate through these unprecedented circumstances, I'm grateful for artists like Aileen who are sharing their gift with our local community.

See more about Aileen here.