Each year the Lafayette Regional Airport holds an emergency drill in order to practice their skills.

According to a press release from the airport, the Triennial Full-Scale Emergency Drill will be held Friday, March 19. So, if you are driving by the airport tomorrow, you may see some strange activity, but you don't have to panic. It's only a drill.

So why do they do this drill? In addition to wanting to practice their skills in the event of an emergency, the Federal Aviation Administration requires that the airport hold a drill every three years.

This year's Triennial Full-Scale Exercise of the Airport Emergency Plan and Airport Security Plan will begin at 10:00 Friday morning.

You will see an amazing array of emergency vehicles during tomorrow's drill. The following are some of the emergency vehicles and entities that you will see out at the airport Friday:

  • Acadian Ambulance
  • Representatives from local hospitals
  • Lafayette Aircraft Rescue
  • Lafayette Fire Fighting Unit
  • Local fire departments
  • Local police departments
  • Sheriff's department
  • Other first responders

This exercise will take some time to go through the routines as if they are actually dealing with a real emergency, so you may see all of this activity at the airport for a few hours.

Officials with the Lafayette Regional Airport say they will be doing a simulation of a plane crash on airport property that will test the skills of the emergency response teams as if they were responding to an aircraft crash at the airport.

If you will be driving down Highway 90 Friday morning (3/19/21), you will see all of this activity.

Because of Covid-19, members of the media and people who usually come to watch the drill, will not be allowed to do so this year.

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