Lady Gaga has teamed up with Nabisco to create her own (limited edition) line of Oreo cookies.

The "Lady Gaga Chromatica" Oreo cookies were inspired by her new album "Chromatica", according to CNN.


The cookies are described as:

bright pink with green crème filling and feature various embossments inspired by the album - CNN

Pink. With green creme filling. Judging by the comments on the Walmart website that lists the cookies for sale, LG fans are quite smitten with them.

My friend Jess said she thinks that the cookies have a vanilla flavor. She also said that her wife Steph isn't happy that the cookie is more crunchy than "regular" Oreos and that they don't soften up as easily when dipped in milk. (FULL DISCLOSURE: she dips her Oreos in chocolate milk, so I don't know if I can trust her judgment because, I mean, come on: Oreos in chocolate milk? Ew.)


According to the Walmart website, there is a QR (quick-read) code on the package that "unlocks musical messages of kindness you can send to your friends." You can also take an opportunity to register for the chance to meet with Lady Gaga.

I must say, this is a clever promotion! Now, what do those pink/green cookies do to a glass of milk? I mean, what color with the milk be once you finish dunking a few of them? According to a Google search, the milk should turn a shade of grey. Ew.

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