Following Ash Carter's announcement last week that all military jobs will be open to women, one Louisiana National Guard private is marking her name in the state's military record books.

Pvt. Journae King, a 21-year-old woman from Laplace, made history among Army reservists last week when she was enlisted as the Louisiana National Guard's first female artillery soldier.

Enlisting as a field artillery automated tactical data systems specialist, King will operate communication systems, assist in the preparation of computer centers, prepare field artillery tactical data systems and determine target locations using computers or manual calculations.

“I like competition and challenges, it is something that someone with a weak mind couldn’t do. It’s a life changing experience, serving your country,” said King.

Pvt. Journae Q. King (La. Nationa Guard Photo)
Pvt. Journae Q. King (La. Nationa Guard Photo)

King will be joining the Louisiana National Guard's 1st Battalion, 141st Field Artillery Regiment, also known as the Washington Artillery.

Capt. Anthony LaNasa, 1-141 Alpha Battery commander, welcomed King.

“We look forward to having her in our battery, we put our full support behind her,” said LaNasa. “This is a stepping stone for women to fight the misconception that they can’t serve in combat arms. They will earn the respect and overcome this misconception.”

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