There is another Mexican restaurant coming to Lafayette.

La Espuela Cantina & Grill will be opening in the former Picante and Sombrero location at 3255 NW Evangeline Thruway.

The name of this restaurant may sound familiar because this family-owned business started out in St. Martinville.

The newest expansion to North Lafayette will not only be an opportunity for growth but will also bring some changes to the location.

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The restaurant is currently undergoing renovations and will be a brighter, cleaner, and all-around better atmosphere for the opening of this new restaurant. A few of the changes that customers may see are fresh paint on the exterior of the building, new furnishings indie the restaurant, and the bar is in the process of getting an all-new refresh to reflect the new menu.

Jose Rodriguez, the owner of El Espuela Cantina & Grill said, One of my biggest priorities is to create a warm & welcoming environment for my customers to feel at home. We love to meet people from all over and see them all having a great time and enjoying our food.

Jose is also very excited about this new restaurant location since many of his customers have been traveling from all over Acadiana to visit the St. Martinville location.

He said I wanted to open this second location because I have clients coming from all the surrounding areas making the commute all the way to St. Martinville. I felt it was a good idea to put a location closer to these clients.

La Espuela Cantina & Grill is tentatively set to open by the end of January.

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