Don't wrong a Kardashian, or you'll pay for it. Literally.

Pascal Duvier is learning that lesson the hard way. The bodyguard was with Kim Kardashian in Paris that fateful night in 2016 when burglars broke into her hotel room, robbed her at gunpoint, tied up and gagged her, and locked her in the bathroom. If you're thinking, How could this happen with a bodyguard around? You're not alone. The problem was, Duvier wasn't even there.

Kim's sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian were also in the City of Lights during the time of the horrific robbery, and TMZ reported Duvier went out to shadow them after Kim said she was turning in for the night.

Now, on the second anniversary of the traumatic event, the socialite's insurance company is suing Duvier and the company he worked for—PROTECTSECURITY—for $6.1 million, TMZ reports. The sum mirrors the amount Kim's insurance company paid her for the stolen jewelry.

Aside from not being there at the time of the robbery, the lawsuit also claims there were a number of security breaches in the hotel Duvier failed to address. The hotel courtyard's front gate missing lock and the intercom to the door not functioning were two of the many issues listed that Duvier should have flagged. Simply put, Duvier and PROTECTSECURITY are being sued for negligence.


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