This is so funny.

Watch as a kid gets off the school bus for the final time this school year and then mimics his favorite WWE Superstar.

The young boy can be seen walking off the bus, much like Stone Cold Steve Austin would walk down the aisle in the WWE, and then proceeds to imitate his favorite professional wrestler.

Not only does he use a few of Austin's "catchphrases" but he even copies Austin's behavior in the ring but replaces beer with using milk to celebrate the end of the school year.

Stone Cold, who was known for pouring beer all over himself during the WWE Attitude Era, must have had an impact on this kid.

This may be the best thing on the internet this week and if you know of anyone who loves the WWE and Stone Cold you may want to link them to this story.

Look, we all recall the final day of school, and while many of us may have never gone to this extent to celebrate the start of the summer break, we may have thought about doing something likewise.

Check out this hilarious video.


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