Reports say that an incident at a high school in Kentucky is currently under investigation after photos of a school assembly sparked outrage on social media. The photos showed male students scantily dressed while giving lap dances to members of the faculty as well as female students dressed in 'Hooters' uniforms.

The report from Fox News indicates that there is an investigation underway into a Hazard High School assembly that has drawn negative attention on social media. The school, located in Hazard, Kentucky, initially shared the photos of the assembly in question on Facebook but eventually took the post down.

The school's principal, Donald "Happy" Mobelini, is reportedly also the town's Mayor and can be seen in the photos that are continuing to circulate online.

See the photos that were removed from the Hazard High School Athletics Facebook page posted to Twitter by @libsoftiktok below.

The assembly was a part of Homecoming festivities at the school and was reportedly referred to as a "man pageant".

Moreover, there were also photos shared on social media of female students dressed in 'Hooters' employee uniforms. See that posted to Twitter by @ndelriego below.

Superintendent Sandra Combs told reporters that she couldn't speak on the incident while the investigation was underway but said, "Once the investigation is complete, appropriate action will be taken" per the report.

To add to an already bad situation, the same principal that can be seen in the photos at hand was reportedly sued in 2019 for the way he and two other teachers handled the chaperoning of a school trip. Allegedly, a student was raped by another student on that trip.

See the report from @FoxNews on Twitter here.

The photos, which were shared by the school itself, created a much-warranted outrage from parents and others who viewed the situation as an instance of sexualizing children. While the investigation is still underway, this certainly appears to be more than just a case of 'you had to be there to get it' sort of incident.

I am not quite sure how not a single member of the faculty stepped in to raise a red flag before any of these events occurred. Especially considering the past issues this mayor-principal has been involved in, this type of assembly is a bit mind-boggling.

See the full report from Fox News on Facebook below.

We will have to wait and see what comes of the investigation into this Kentucky high school.

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