If you're wondering if Kendall Jenner is the fourth Kardashian to get pregnant, well... She isn't. Just like everyone else, the girl just loves her carbs.

On Saturday (December 30), the model tweeted to shut down pregnancy rumors after posting a mirror selfie on Instagram.

"I just like bagels ok!!!" the 22-year-old Kardashian sister tweeted.

Wearing a slim fit polka dotted dress and the lighting in the bathroom, the internet went crazy as followers of the young Kardashian sister speculated Kendall had a baby bump.

Now that the pregnancy rumors are out of the way for Kendall Jenner, the only official confirmation followers of the Kardashians need to know are from sister Kylie Jenner. While others anticipate the Khloe Kardashian's first baby and Kim Kardashian's third in 2018.



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