If you like cereal, this is your new haven.

Kellogg's Cafe Cereal bar is located in New York. If you didn't want to go to New York before, this ought to get you there.

It's basically a better kind of buffet of all of your favorite Kellogg cereals. You just walk up to the slew of cereal choices, choose, pour your cereal, issue the milk into the bowl, and dig in! If you're into it, there's one last choice step in topping your cereal. A variety of toppings are available to put in your bowl. From the normal strawberries, to cotton candy and pop rocks!

Everything from Fruit Loops, to Cocoa Krispies can be found in the line of cereals. If you're feeling extra nutty, you can put a little of each cereal in the bowl, and try them all at once!

Oh, it's not just bowls of cereal either. You want a Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich? They have it!

What's your favorite type of cereal? Which mixtures would you try?

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