More often than not, war correspondents tasked with sending home news and images of battle often find themselves in just as much danger as actual soldiers. If you’ve seen the excellent Netflix documentary Five Came Back, you’ve borne witness to how five of the world’s greatest movie directors were tasked with recording the battles and atrocities of World War II. But they weren’t the only ones who were there. Famed Vogue photographer Lee Miller entered into the fray at the start of the war, and she’ll soon be the subject of an upcoming biopic, courtesy of Kate Winslet.

Winslet will play Miller, the model-turned-photographer-turned-fearless war correspondent, in a still-untitled movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Miller was in London when World War II officially began, and against the pleas of her family to return home to America, decided to document the war in photographs, which she sent off to her employer Vogue. She covered the Blitz, the aftermath of D-Day, the battle of Alsace, and the atrocities of concentration camps at Buchenwald and Dachau.

The film will be based on the only authorized Miller biography, The Lives of Lee Miller, written by her son Antony Penrose. A director hasn’t been announced yet, but production is expected to begin sometime in 2018.

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