It's not what any of us want to wake up to, especially on what was supposed to have been a quiet Sunday morning. However, it was anything but quiet for a Kaplan woman who awoke to find an uninvited guest in her home Sunday morning.

Police in Kaplan say a suspect identified as Chase Obray Trahan has been arrested and charged in connection with the incident. According to police Trahan was inside a Kaplan residence Sunday morning when he was discovered by the homeowner.

Police alleged that Trahan fled the scene and hid under a nearby house. When he did not comply with police commands to come out a K-9 Officer was sent under the building to encourage Trahan to give himself up. Which he did.

Among the myriad of charges, Trahan is now facing are attempted burglary of an inhabited dwelling, two counts of attempted burglary of a vehicle, five counts of resisting an officer and simple criminal damage to property.

Kaplan Police say neither Trahan, the victim, or any Kaplan Police officers were injured during this incident. The investigation into what happened early Sunday is ongoing.

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