Madison's 2nd Annual Giveback all started several years ago when a young girl named Madison (Madi) was hospitalized from a severe spider bite during Easter time.

Dan and Madi McManus
Dan McManus

While in the hospital someone brought Madison an Easter basket to brighten her day. Since then, now 14, Madison has asked for donations to help put a smile on the faces of children hospitalized over the Christmas holiday.

Madison McManus is a Kaplan High freshman. This is the return of Madison's Annual Giveback since the pandemic and the family could not be more proud.

The McManus family is asking that you donate a stocking filled with goodies for the children at Our Lady of Lourdes Women's & Children's Hospital in Lafayette over the Christmas holiday this year. They will make arrangements to get your donations to the children. The family would like all donations in by Wednesday, December 16, 2022.

Please contact Madison's father Dan McManus via Facebook to make a donation.

We are doing it again! If you would like to donate a stocking filled with toys for the children in the hospital please let me know. Our goal is to have them all to me on December 16 to get together for delivery. I'm so proud of my daughter. It all started when she was in the hospital for Easter and someone brought her an Easter basket to brighten her day. -Dan McManus, Facebook

Please label each stuffed stocking "Boy" or "Girl".

Let's put a smile on the kid's faces this year. -McManus Family

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