Could it be possible for Kanye West to have so much influence that he is able to create his own version of Tik-Tok? The outspoken global phenomenon that is Kanye West believes so.

Kanye West went to Twitter today to let his followers know that he and his team are in contact with the people over at Tik-Tok. Check out his post below @kanyewest

This all comes from Kanye West proposing a new version of the popular video app called "Jesus Tok" earlier this week. He said that after scrolling through Tik-Tok with North West, he loved the technology but did not like the actual content that his daughter was viewing.

Will Kanye prevail in creating his own, Jesus driven, version of the app that has taken the world by storm? What would you want to see out of Kanye's version of Tik-Tok? I guess we will all just have to wait and see what he will do next.


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