A decision that didn't come as a surprise: a judge has ruled that Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital's vaccination mandate can stand.

If you recall, a judge made the same ruling last week in a case that was filed against Ocshner/Lafayette General, in which a handful of employees sued over that hospital's vaccine mandate.

According to KATC TV3, the judge said the mandate set in place by Our Lady of Lourdes hospital can stay in place for now because it is causing no one harm.

Our Lady of Lourdes has set in place separate vaccination deadlines for its employees: the "Leaders" group has a deadline of October 31st to receive the vaccination or face suspension without compensation. The second group, the "Staff" group, has until November 30th to receive their vaccine. If they fail to do so, they will also face suspension without pay until they are vaccinated.

If any suspended members of the "Leaders" group do not receive their vaccination by November 30th, they will be terminated. Suspended members of the "Staff" group will be met with the same consequences if they aren't vaccinated by December 31st.

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The story goes on to say that the judge said if anyone at the hospital loses their job because of the mandate, the situation can then be revisited.

While we understand that the size of rallies and protests can be misleading, it appears that the number of unvaccinated health care workers locally is a small percentage of the overall workforce.s, judging by the attendance at public protests that were organized to oppose the mandates.

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