With students being out of school this week for their Easter Break, it has given local governments a great opportunity to get some needed work done on the roads - whether it's actual roadwork or drainage work that requires crews to have to use roadways to get it done. Sure, traffic can still be heavy during this time but it's significantly less with all of the school buses off the roadways during this week.

The ever-growing city of Youngsville has decided to use this week to get some much needed drainage work done. On E. Milton Avenue - between Verot School Road and S St. Blaise - Public Works is completing roadside drainage maintenance while school is out.

Johnston Street at Fountain Bend Drive

The construction on Johnston Street continues this week as DOTD workers have now closed its intersection at Fountain Bend Drive from now until Friday, May 20th.

Johnston Street at Fountain Bend, Google street view
Johnston Street at Fountain Bend Drive, Google street view

This will allow for dirt work and asphalt operations at and near the intersection.

The detour route will include Fountainhead Drive and Johnston Street.

Emergency vehicles will have access to the area. The public will have access to local businesses by use of Fountainhead Drive.

Cameron Street Between Jenkins Road and Mobile Street

As you may know, Cameron Street (US 90) runs through a huge chunk of Lafayette and into the city of Scott.

Well, there's a stretch of Cameron Street that runs from Downtown Scott and parallel to the railroad tracks. That stretch - specifically between Jenkins Road and Mobile Street - is being patched, striped, and widened each night this workweek until Friday, April 22.

Cameron Street at Jenkins Road, Google street view
Cameron Street at Jenkins Road, Google street view


This shoulder work is happening in BOTH DIRECTIONS each night from 7:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.

Emergency vehicles will have access to the area, but may encounter delays.

No detour route is necessary.

East Cypress Street Closure

From now through Friday, April 22, the 100 block of East Cypress Street in Downtown Lafayette is closed. This is so local crews can conduct waterline infrastructure construction.

Detour routes are posted and local access will be maintained.



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