For the past few days, John "Bo Duke" Schneider, star of the 80s smash tv show "Dukes Of Hazzard", has opened up via his YouTube channel to discuss the rebel flag's connection to "Dukes of Hazzard", the Confederacy and more.

In the videos below, Scheider is asking for your opinion on whether "Dukes Of Hazzard" should be taken off the air because of the General Lee and the car's connection with the rebel flag.

Scheider says he truly wants to know your honest thoughts, he can take it.

Scheider asks in the video -

"Was the Dukes Of Hazzard a racially charged show? Was the intention of the paint scheme on the General Lee a white supremacist statement in any way? If you think it was, I really want to know."

If you want to share your thoughts and comment on John's videos, you can head over to his YouTube channel HERE.


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