Joe Burrow was known for his ability to extend plays and run with the football during his time at LSU. Now that he is playing in the NFL, he is having to learn how to slide rather than lower his shoulder whilst touting the pigskin.

The mic'd up audio from Burrow's battle against the Jaguars shows a cool interaction between Burrow and both the opponents and referees @SportsCenter

It hasn't taken long for Burrow to learn the hard way that NFL defenders pack quite a bigger punch than your average college defender. He took a big hit against the Eagles which has obviously taught him quite the lesson.

This interaction between Burrow and the referees show just how much everyone wants to see the former LSU quarterback have a long and successful career in the NFL.

Just in case you don't fully understand how big of a difference the jump from getting hit by a college defender compared to an NFL defender is, I'll tell you a quick story about a local legend.

Mr. Jake Delhomme once came workout with my high school football team during the NFL lockout and we all had the privilege of catching passes from a Super Bowl quarterback. In that interaction, we asked Delhomme that exact question - just how much of a difference is it playing in college to playing in the NFL?

Delhomme made it pretty simple for us. He said that the hardest hit he ever experience in college football was equivalent to the average, every-down hit that is delivered in the NFL.

So while you may be saying, "Hey Joe, just put down that shoulder or dance around those defenders like you did at LSU", just remember that these NFL defenders are grown men who's main job is to hit the player with the ball as hard as they possibly can.

I am happy to see Burrow figuring out how to slide as I am anxious to see how his NFL career progresses.


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