Former LSU QB and current Bengals QB Joe Burrow has become one of the biggest stars in sports. His sports profile is as big as rappers like Lil Baby and actors like Timothee Chalamet. And Burrow's star power was on full display at 76ers minority owner Michael Rubin's yearly summer all-white party. Burrow made Louisiana proud as he shined amongst the brightest stars and he was the best-dressed athlete at the festivities and he outdressed multiple A-List actors and musicians.

Seeing Joe Burrow with the likes of Tom Brady, Kevin Durant, and Devin Booker shows just how popular he is amongst other athletes.

Michael Rubin's 4th of July all-white party has become a thing of legend. This party is the must-attend event of the summer. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Lil Baby to Drake to Justin Beiber to Jay Z and many more have all attended. Patriots owner Robert Craft was also in attendance. It goes to show that today's sports owners have become a part of the cultural zeitgeist.

If Joe Burrow can win a Super Bowl or MVP this season his profile will only get higher. Let's see if he can get to that Patrick Mahomes level this upcoming season.

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