(Now former) ‘American Idol‘ judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler each announced their departure from the show this week, with Lopez announcing that she was moving on during a chat with ‘Idol’ host Ryan Seacrest on Friday (July 13). Tyler beat her to the punch, releasing a statement about his imminent exit the day before. Now a report has surfaced indicating that each judge was fired, even though the show allowed them to bow out gracefully.

TheWrap reports that a source close to the negotiations confirmed that Lopez was given the boot when she asked for a $2 million raise, which would have bumped her already astronomical salary to $17 million. La Lopez stressed to Seacrest that she was bouncing purely for business reasons and to stop passing up on other opps, but if she did indeed ask for a raise, she was pennywise and pound foolish, losing $15 mil by trying to grab $2 mil more.

Additionally, the site claims that Fox elected not to pick up Tyler’s option, even though he said that he was moving on in order to refocus his energies on Aerosmith.

Now rumors abound that Randy ‘Yo! Dawg! Insert-Name-Here Is In It to Win it!” Jackson might be on his way out the door, too. He is the sole original judge and the only one to remain with the show since its debut. Jeez, it seems like ‘Idol’ is turning to ‘X Factor,’ which revamped hardcore after a single season and less-than-impressive ratings.

TheWrap source said the producers want to retool the show and create V. 2.0, factoring Seacrest in as an essential ingredient.

Let the rumor mill about possible replacements start flying! And while those stories begin to take flight, let PopCrush offer a suggestion. How about changing the panel of judges each season to keep things fresh and exciting? It would provide different perspectives and prevent the show from becoming stale. Even though it is still a ratings powerhouse, and we doubt that Fox has any plans to yank it from its programming slate anytime soon, the show could use a little excitement.

Listen to Jennifer Lopez Confirm ‘American Idol’ Exit

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