Fans of Ryan Seacrest and American Idol have been very concerned about Ryan's health today after last night's American Idol season finale. At one point during the show, he jumbled his words, appeared out of sorts and his eyes looked very strange. Not something America is used to when watching this consummate professional. In addition, this morning Ryan was absent from 'Live With Kelly and Ryan'.

So did Seacrest have a stroke or at least some sort of health event on last night's nationally televised broadcast of American Idol?

Ryan Seacrest's publicist says Ryan is just fine. Tired, but fine. The work-home balance has been very difficult. He's been stressed having to adjust to the 'new normal' like everyone else.

Having to do American Idol's season finale out of a studio setting has strained the 45-year-old. Plus he has his radio show, 'Live With Kelly and Ryan and the 'Disney Family Singalong Specials'. As for missing 'Live With Kelly and Ryan' today, he's not ill, he just needed rest.

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