Fur-lover Jennifer Lopez drew ire from animal rights activists at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend.

According to TMZ, Lopez, who stepped onto the red carpet at the movie festival on Saturday (September 7) to support the premiere of her upcoming film, Hustlers, was targeted by PETA activists voicing their objection to the “On the Floor” singer’s use of animal fur ensembles in the film. In previews, the 50-year-old’s character, Ramona, can be seen shamelessly flaunting a fluffy white coat that was seemingly made of fox fur.

As Lopez strutted her stuff down the red carpet, PETA organizers were seen waving signs and protesting from the crowd. "JLO HATES ANIMALS," read one activist’s banner, who later screamed, “Shame on you J. Lo for wearing fur — stop wearing fur, Jennifer Lopez, stop wearing fox fur!"

The performer, however, remained professionally unfazed by the commotion and carried on posing for the paparazzi. See some video footage from the altercation, above.

Despite the animal rights organizers’ efforts, it’s highly unlikely this encounter will move Lopez to give up her obsession with animal fur attire. A brief scroll down the “Medicine” musician's Instagram feed would inform you that if anything, her lavish fur collection only appears to have expanded over the years.

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