We are ten days into the new year and I know one of your resolutions was to do better with your money. Since the chances of you getting a big fat pay raise or bonus in 2018 are about as slim as the new guy at the gym we thought we'd better offer you some ways to save your cash since you won't be making more.

Let's face it we all have things we need and things we want. We are going to spend on the things we need and save on the things we want. Here's what's on sale and usually a top value during the month of January.

If getting in shape is your particular passion you'll find a lot of fitness and exercise equipment and accessories are on sale during January. It might actually behoove you to wait until later in the month when all of the resolutioners have faded away and stores have an overstocked inventory of treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, and strength training devices.

After all that exercise you're going to need your rest and that means new bedding or linens. This is the month of what used to be called the "White Sale". I never understood that name since most of the sheets, pillowcases, and comforters at our house are multi-colored or simply not white. Those in the know say January is your best time for bedtime buys.

If you didn't get a new HDTV or home theater system and you'd like to have that for your home then January is the best month for this kind of purchase. TV sales always seem to spike right before the Super Bowl. Prices on really nice televisions and audio systems are way down after Christmas and you can still find a great selection you just won't need to bring as much money.

If you're wondering what other items are at their best price during other months the crew at NOLA.com has put together a list of values you might shop for during Spring, Summer, and next Fall.

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