Obie Hulin, owner of Hulco Printers in Lafayette, delivered the first round of 'Janet's Joke of the Day' t-shirts to KTDY this week.  Janet, receptionist for Townsquare Media Lafayette, has become very popular with the CJ and Debbie Ray in the Morning audience for a feature called 'Janet's Joke of the Day' that airs just before 8AM.  So popular, she now has her face on a t-shirt.

Not only does Janet deliver a joke every morning, she has also become a fixture with Birthdays and Anniversaries that recently moved to the KTDY website at  Every Friday, someone who's had a birthday or anniversary that week, now has a chance to win an exclusive 'Janet's Joke of the Day' t-shirt in addition to cupcakes.

Earlier this week, Janet's very own t-shirts arrived.  We thought it only fitting that she open the first box of shirts.  Watch her reaction as she sees a picture of herself on a t-shirt for the first time.

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