Jackie Bibby The Texas Snake Man is slated to perform at the 2013 Louisiana Outdoor Expo at the Cajundome and Cajundome Convention Center July 26th-28th.


He will do several performances throughout the weekend with the incredibly dangerous rattlesnake.

"Rattlesnake Republic star Jackie Bibby, The Texas Snake Man, has been handling snakes for over 40 years, and holds five Guinness World Records for snake handling stunts. He's been bitten ten times in those years, and had a few brushes with death, but considers himself extremely lucky to be able to continue doing what he loves." -JackieBibby.com

The Louisiana Outdoor Expo will be held at the Cajundome and Cajundome Convention Center over the July 26-28th weekend.  There will be hundreds of vendors and exhibits showing off hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor gear.  Check back for continuing updates.

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