Youngsville, LA (KPEL News)-- Louisiana's unemployment rate is hovering just above three percent. Prospective applicants are reaching out to their networks and scouring job sites in the hope of securing the right position. But the Better Business Bureau is reminding people to be vigilant and smart, like one Youngsville woman who recognized the signs of a scam.

Chris Babin, President/CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana, shared the woman's story during Acadiana's Morning News on KPEL 96.5 Monday morning.

The woman was searching for employment on, a reputable job site. She applied for a work-from-home job and the company asked her to download Google Chat, a request she didn't find alarming in our world of digital access. The person she was chatting with "hired her on the spot for $25."

What happened next raised all the red flags.

The "company" sent her a list of items she needed to purchase to do the job: Mac Book, iPad, iPhone 14, printer, scanner. The real eye-opener came when they asked for her credit card number and what her limit was, saying they would reimburse her after she purchased the products. At that point, she realized what it was, a scam.

According to a study by the BBB,

  • People 25-34 years old represented the group who were scammed most often, followed by 35-40 year-olds.
  • Nearly 67% of the victims were women.
  • 54% were unemployed and 50% were seeking full-time work.
  • 32% of the job scams originated on Indeed.

The Better Business Bureau suggests that you research any company you are considering working for or doing business with. Never share your personal or financial information with anyone, especially over the phone or via email/chat. And remember, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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