New details have emerged in connection to a troubling Lafayette incident that went viral on social media. According to Detective Kenderis Handy of the Lafayette Police Department, the victim in a beatdown on Moss Street in Lafayette, now identified as Karon Hamilton, suffered significant injuries during the viral altercation, including lacerations to the dorsal area and a facial contusion.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Hamilton was transported to a local hospital but declined medical treatment upon arrival. Further investigation into the incident revealed that Hamilton had been detained by the police on allegations of damaging property in the vicinity of the attack. While officers initially did not have grounds to arrest him related to these allegations, a routine background check uncovered multiple outstanding warrants against Hamilton, including one for a domestic incident.

As a result of these discoveries, Hamilton was placed under arrest due to his outstanding warrants.

The incident, which occurred in the 1900 block of Moss Street near the Northgate Mall area, initially seemed to be a video clip of Hamilton being brutally assaulted by two individuals who then fled the scene, leading to a mixture of widespread shock and a viral response on social media platforms.

With the revelation of Hamilton's legal situation and his subsequent arrest, there was clearly more to the story as authorities will continue their investigation into the Moss St. situation.

We will provide updates if any further developments become available.

See the disturbing video in the full original story here.

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