Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Once upon a time, the list of Louisiana stores that closed on Easter Sunday and most major holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, was longer than the list of those that were open. Fast forward to 2024, and the open signs far outnumber the closed in Louisiana and across the country.

We've all gotten accustomed to running to the grocery store because we forgot to buy cream cheese, more people will sit around the table than we expected, or (if you're like me) you ruined some favorite dish and need to start over.

Although some will be shuttered across Louisiana and Texas on Easter Sunday (you can see that list below), you'll find plenty open for business in case you run into a grocery issue or just need a snacky-snack.


You can trust you'll find all you need and more at Louisiana-owned Rouses Market. If you're in Lafayette, there's one close by. They have four locations in Lafayette and one in New Iberia. Make sure to pick up something delicious from the bakery. Why go to all that trouble when they've perfected the recipe on your family favorites?


Hop on over to Albertson's for whatever you're missing for your Louisiana Easter feast. From Lafayette to Lake Charles, you can run in to grab chocolate goodies or a gallon of milk to wash down the chocolate cake you can finally have because Lent is over.


Whether you need lemons or a new shirt, Walmart stores will be open and ready for you to grab it. With locations across Louisiana and Texas, you won't have far to go.


Forgot the blueberries for the fruit salad? Did you remember to buy the French-fried onions for the green bean casserole? It's all good. Stop in at any of the Super One grocers in cities and towns across south central Louisiana.


Do you have a favorite item at Whole Foods? Is it right around the corner from your house? Fear not! The hours may be adjusted, but the organic-minded grocer will be open for business on Easter Sunday.

You've got options for snagging that forgotten ingredient or the beer you'd like to enjoy after lunch. Here's the list of grocers that won't be open, so plan for emergencies accordingly.

Stores Closed on Easter Sunday 2024

If you're looking for last minute Easter items, don't bother going to these stores, according to Today.

Gallery Credit: Danielle Kootman

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