NEW ORLEANS, La. (KPEL News) - When it comes to food, it's hard not to include Louisiana on the list of states with the best cooking out there. We pride ourselves on it. We have multiple festivals surrounding our love of food.

And, when it comes to the settings where we eat, there are plenty of great places around the state that offer a beautiful scene as well as great food.

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People Magazine recently put together a list of the most beautiful restaurants in the country, one from each state. There are some iconic locations on that list, too.

Sure, in Louisiana, several of us locals find a lot of beauty in a gas station that has access to good boudin and a great deep fryer. However, the fancier restaurants do appeal to travelers and people who want a beautiful setting. That's why Chemin à la Mer in New Orleans, Louisiana, made People's list.

"Every element of this award-winning restaurant overlooking the Mississippi River evokes its name — 'pathway to the sea'," People wrote in its article.

And, yeah, we've got to admit that it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Both inside AND out.

"What a wonderful restaurant," one reviewer wrote on OpenTable. "I was referred by a local friend, Randall, a bartender at the restaurant. We had a fabulous time celebrating as a family. The view from the terrace was a great way to see the Mississippi River. The staff was very accommodating and our server, Abigail, was great. We will definitely be back."

"Everything was exceptional from the moment our group arrived," another said. "Our server 'Is' was absolutely amazing! He provided recommendations and he was very knowledgeable of the menu. The food I definitely a class of its own. Everything I ate was not only well seasoned it was also presented well. Thank you for making my birthday dinner exceptional! If I’m ever in New Orleans again I will be back!"

Staff are described as "attentive," the food "delicious," and the view "beautiful." It's certainly a popular spot for those who have stopped by.

What Makes a Restaurant Beautiful?


A beautiful restaurant captivates guests through a harmonious blend of design, ambiance, and attention to detail. The interior design and decor play a crucial role, where a cohesive theme—be it modern, rustic, or eclectic—sets the tone. Stylish and comfortable furniture, thoughtfully arranged, enhances both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Color schemes are chosen to evoke specific emotions, creating an inviting atmosphere. Lighting is paramount; a mix of natural light, chandeliers, and soft ambient lighting can dramatically transform the space.

The ambiance is further enriched by background music that complements the restaurant's theme, ensuring it enhances rather than overpowers the experience. Subtle, pleasant scents, whether from fresh flowers, herbs, or the food itself, add an extra layer of sensory delight. Cleanliness across all areas, from dining spaces to restrooms, is essential for a beautiful setting.

Architectural features like high ceilings, large windows, and unique historical elements can add significant character, while scenic views, whether of urban landscapes, gardens, or waterfronts, enhance the dining experience. Artwork and decorative accessories, including paintings, sculptures, and greenery, contribute to the visual appeal and bring life indoors.

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Functionality intertwined with beauty ensures guests are comfortable, with well-designed acoustics for easy conversation and temperature control for a pleasant environment. The culinary presentation is another aspect where beauty shines through; artfully plated dishes and attractive tableware elevate the dining experience.

Consistency in branding and attention to detail reflect the restaurant’s identity and show care in every aspect, from personalized service to quality materials. These elements collectively create not just a beautiful restaurant, but a memorable and engaging dining experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

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