Crowley, LA (KPEL News) - A Crowley, Louisiana, woman was arrested during the International Rice Festival and is charged with negligent homicide. The circumstances and reason she was taken into custody are as confusing as a "Who's on First?" conversation.

22-year-old Quintoya Meaux is accused of a host of crimes, including two related to murder. Recent reports were unclear about where she was arrested and why.

Courtesy Acadia Parish Sheriff's Department
Courtesy Acadia Parish Sheriff's Department

What Happened at Rice Festival?

The short answer is that Crowley Police arrested her because they recognized her and knew there was an outstanding warrant on numerous offenses. Her arrest at Rice Festival was NOT related to anyone dying at or her involvement in a death at the event.

She is charged with negligent homicide from an incident in 2021. An officer says she took video of a person who was overdosing and did nothing to help the victim. That person died. Essentially, she may be guilty of criminal negligence that led to the death of someone, according to Louisiana Revised Statute 14:32.

Sidebar: People of a certain age may remember the movie The Accusedstarring Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis. Foster's character is raped at a bar, and the people witnessing didn't step in to help. McGillis portrayed the attorney who pressed charges against them and won. Hearing the story of Meaux's arrest brought the movie to mind.

What Other Murder is She Linked To?

Police also suspect Meaux was involved in a 2022 murder. No other details about that incident are available, but a few of the charges in the list are related to it.

She is charged with the following. The Louisiana Revised Statute for each is linked.

Meaux was booked into the Acadia Parish Jail.

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