The Texas chain that has become a national phenomenon has gained quite a following over the years. It is routinely a must-stop location on road trips for folks in Louisiana and all across the fruited plains.

Buc-ee's, a rest stop with a seemingly unlimited number of gas pumps on the outside and a massive convenience store on the inside, is growing at a rapid pace. Recently, the chain announced another 10 locations that would be added to its portfolio, and there's no reason to believe it won't keep growing.

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And while Louisiana fans are sad that we are only slated to get one location for the time being (though persistent rumors indicate one is coming to Acadiana before too long), there are still plenty of locations along the Interstates and highways we travel most.

But for every fan of the rest stop chain, there are scores of people who have simply never been. So, when someone on Facebook asked what the food items you absolutely have to get are, the post was flooded with a ton of helpful comments.

Credit: Buc-ee's Lovers/Facebook
Credit: Buc-ee's Lovers/Facebook

Obviously, the beaver nuggets are near the top of the list for most folks. There is the clear bag of sweet, sugary beaver nuggets, but also savory flavors, like white cheddar.

There is also a white cheddar habanero for you spicy-food lovers out there.

Other must-gets include the jerky (get it right from the counter, not in the pre-sealed bags), and the barbecue sandwiches (brisket, especially).

But what are some of the other items you have to get, even once?

The Essential Buc-ee's Shopping List

Beaver Chips: If you have not tried the fresh-made chips from the barbecue bar (where you get those amazing brisket sandwiches), you need to give them a taste. When they're fresh out, they are some of the best chips you'll ever try.

Banana Pudding: Everybody's got a favorite family recipe for their banana pudding, but grandma can't always make it for you. The next best option is, without a doubt, getting a container of it from Buc-ee's on your next road trip.

Fudge: There are all sorts of house-made foods, but fudge is an absolute must-try at Buc-ee's. They come in a variety of flavors (the cookies'n'cream and banana pudding flavors stellar), and you can buy several for everyone to try.

Taffy: The taffy at Buc-ee's also gets rave reviews. Like the fudge, plenty of flavors for you to try, but it's not as rich as the fudge and you may find yourself eating more than you expected...

Breakfast Burritos: Most people know about the barbecue sandwiches served throughout the day, but did you know that in the morning the menu is a little different? The breakfast burritos - using the same meats they use the rest of the day - are just as popular in many places as the sandwiches. If you're passing through in the morning, you've got to try one.

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Other Must-Try Items:


  • Fresh Roasted Nuts
  • Beaver Buddies Animal Cookies
  • Smoked Turkey Sandwich
  • Cheesesteak Burrito
  • Candied Nuts
  • Fried Chicken Sandwich

If that's not all, here are a ton of other things most people just lose their minds over at Buc-ee's.


30 Things We Go Nuts for at Buc-ee's

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