It's crawfish season!

To be fair, it's quite an expensive crawfish season, but 'tis the season nonetheless. We're already seeing a lot of folks post about their cravings for mudbugs online, but with the product scarce and the prices sky-high, it's tough to find a good source to host your own crawfish boil.

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But along with eating crawfish, we can't help but admit that we also like seeing other people, particularly first-timers, try crawfish. Recently, we (re-)discovered this video of Gordon Ramsey cooking a single crawfish, and it bothered us deeply.

Still, we can't help but re-watch it.


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There are plenty of videos online of folks trying crawfish for the first time, but one of our favorites has to be this video from May of 2023, where two British TikTokers try (and fail) to eat crawfish.

The British Are Coming

The TikTokers, who go by "Josh & Josh" on the social media app, are seated at a restaurant that clearly seems to be in Louisiana, and there is some very familiar music playing in the background.

But... just watch them try to eat crawfish. It's both hilarious and deeply troubling at the same time.

@josh_and_jase_intheusaThis was SPICY!!! But delicious.

♬ original sound - Josh & Jase

First of all, they clearly did not ask for any help or advice on how to eat crawfish (see below if you are unfamiliar). They tried, but it had to be the most inefficient way to eat crawfish possible.

Secondly, I love how their first reaction is "It's too spicy!" One of them even starts coughing. They legitimately look like they are in pain, and as someone who grew up way to the north of I-10 (more like upper central Louisiana), I can somewhat feel for them. But even up that way, we knew about crawfish and how to season them.

Now, it's not the first time we've watched the British try crawfish - in fact, we've covered it here.


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How To Eat Crawfish

Eating crawfish is an art, and down here in Louisiana, we take it seriously. First off, you gather with friends, spread some newspapers or butcher paper, and create a crawfish boil bonanza. Now, the etiquette is crucial – no rushin', it's a slow and savory ritual.

Start with a pile of those spicy, red crawfish. Grab one by the tail, give it a twist, and pull off the head. Suckin' the flavorful juices is a must; that's where the Cajun magic happens. Some folks dive straight into the tail meat, but true connoisseurs know the joy of peeling it open, revealing that tender goodness.


The sides are just as important – corn on the cob, potatoes, and maybe some sausage, all soaked in the spicy boil. Keep a cold beverage nearby; it's essential to cool down the heat.

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Now, here's the key – take your time. It's not just a meal; it's a social affair. Laugh, swap stories, and relish every crawfish. Don't forget to savor the spice and let the good times roll. Eating crawfish isn't just a feast; it's a celebration of flavors and camaraderie, and that's the Louisiana way. Geaux ahead, pinch, peel, and laissez les bon temps rouler!

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