Here in Lafayette, Louisiana, we're no strangers to crawfish and crawfish boils. We love those mudbugs, and despite the struggles of this season, we're doing our best to enjoy them.

But we're also starting to understand the growth of AI and what it means as all sorts of new and innovative ways to generate ideas and content come about. As someone whose job, among other things, can be described as "content creator," it's wonderful to look at all these new tools that are available to me.

So, I decided to boot up the ol' AI machine and see how I could use it to create some good, Louisiana-centric content for you and I to enjoy.

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And considering it's crawfish season, I couldn't help but wonder what our soon-to-be-AI overlords thought about cooking and eating crawfish. I was inspired, mind you, by this recent story of two young Brits trying crawfish for the first time.

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I decided to ask ChatGPT, one of the most well-known AI generators out there, to do two things as though it were from Louisiana:

1. Describe how to boil crawfish.

2. Describe how to eat crawfish.

Again, I specifically asked that it act like it's from Louisiana, so there are a lot of stereotypes that appear in its writing.

I then also asked an AI art generator in the graphic design site Canva to generate images of what it thinks a crawfish boil looks like.

How to Boil Crawfish

Alright now, if you wanna boil crawfish right, you gotta embrace the whole Louisiana vibe. First off, gather your crew – it's a communal affair, not a solo act. Get a big ol' pot, toss in them crawfish, and let the magic unfold.

Start with the spice. And I mean real spice – none of that weak stuff. Cayenne, paprika, garlic, onions, lemons – load it up. Now, you gotta get that water boilin', and here's the secret weapon – that liquid gold we call crawfish boil seasoning. Throw in them potatoes, corn, andouille sausage, maybe some artichokes – whatever's gonna soak up that flavor.

Once that pot's singin' the spicy symphony, it's crawfish time. Dump 'em in and let 'em swim in that seasoned bath. Give it some time, let them mudbugs soak up all that goodness – we ain't rushin' down here.

Now, the crucial part – the soak. Turn off the heat and let them crawfish marinate, soakin' up that spicy brew. And don't forget the ice chest – scoop 'em out and keep 'em chilled, so they don't overcook.

Finally, dump that glorious boil on a table covered in newspapers, and let the feast begin. It's messy, it's spicy, and it's pure Louisiana. Pinch, peel, and enjoy – that's the proper way to boil crawfish, cher. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

How to Eat Crawfish

Well, let me tell ya 'bout eatin' crawfish – it's a whole experience, cher! First off, you gather 'round with folks, maybe a picnic table or a good ol' backyard boil. Now, you gotta get your hands dirty, no fussin' 'bout it. Them crawfish got a spicy, Cajun kick, so it's a feast for the senses.

Start by grabbin' one of them mudbugs, holdin' it by the tail. Pinch the head and twist, pullin' it off like you mean it. Don't be shy 'bout suckin' them juices – that's where the flavor's at! Now, some folks go for the tail meat right away, but me, I like to peel it open, exposin' that sweet tail meat and maybe givin' it a quick dip in some sauce for an extra punch.

Don't forget 'bout them sides – corn, potatoes, and maybe some sausage. It's all boilin' together, soakin' up that spice. And hey, keep a cold beverage close by – gotta cool down that Cajun fire.

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Now, it ain't a race; it's a slow and savory affair. Laugh, crack jokes, and enjoy the rhythm of peelin' and eatin'. That's the Louisiana way – good company, good food, and a whole lot of flavor. Laissez les bon temps rouler, ya heard?

What Does a Crawfish Boil Look Like?

AI-generated art can be an absolutely horrifying nightmare. It struggles to get faces and hands right, it seems, so we can't be 100 percent sure it knows what it's doing most of the time.

But we asked anyway. These are the results.

A Traditional Louisiana Crawfish Boil (According to AI)

We asked an AI art generator to draw what it thinks a traditional Louisiana crawfish boil looks like, and these are the (horrifying) results.