I wouldn't argue with him.

A baseball reporter for D1Baseball, Kendall Rogers, Tweeted out a photo from the UL and LSU baseball scrimmages over the weekend in Lafayette and you can see that one umpire towered over everyone else.

As the coaches and umpires came together at home plate prior to the exhibition at "The Tigue," you can see that one umpire is looking down at everyone around him.

Well, the internet went to work and identified the tall umpire as Brandon Castille, who is from New Iberia.

According to some in the comment section on Twitter, Castille stands over 7-ft tall and is a favorite amongst many in the Acadiana/South Louisiana area.

Some jokingly said that they'd never argue with an umpire that size, and I'd second that motion.

For those keeping score, LSU won both scrimmages Sunday in Lafayette against the Cajuns.

Here's a full-body photo of Castille overlooking everyone at the home plate.


After some minor investigating, I found a few more photos of the "World's Tallest Umpire" on his personal Facebook page.


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