TaD's of Youngsville, the recently-opened restaurant specializing in Seafood and Cajun cuisine, took to social media yesterday to clear the air about where they source their seafood. The clarification came in response to concerns from locals who speculated that the restaurant was using imported seafood instead of supporting local fishermen.

In a Facebook post, TaD’s shared a photo of a box of fresh frozen Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp packed by Paul Piazza out of New Orleans, LA. The caption read: "We've heard your seafood concerns, and we're here to clarify! Our shrimp are proudly Gulf shrimp from Paul Piazza in New Orleans. We added 'imported' to our menu as a precaution during COVID, when local shrimp wasn't always available. Thanks to your support, we're thrilled to be part of this amazing community!"

Mixed Community Reactions

While the post alleviated the concerns of some Youngsville residents, others were not entirely convinced. Janis Carla Cessac Talbot commented, "I would like pictures for the catfish, crawfish, and the imported seafood companies that are being used. There is no excuse to use imported seafood in a Cajun restaurant." Genie Willis, however, seemed reassured, saying, "Thanks for clearing that up, I'll be going for lunch soon."

Community members like Anthony Lambing and Sue Lee appreciated the restaurant's transparency but wanted further clarification on other types of seafood. "Thanks for the clarification," said Lambing, with Lee adding, "Glad Shrimp is local, just curious what about the crab, catfish, ...etc?"

Despite the varying opinions, many like April Rivet and Barbara N Pat Theriot are giving TaD's a chance. "Best of luck, place is very nice, food is great. Servers are friendly and the hostess was very sweet," said Rivet.

Addressing Concerns Head-On

For TaD's of Youngsville, setting the record straight was crucial as they look to build trust within the community. They are "appreciative of their opportunity to serve the community," as mentioned in their post.

TaD’s also received some solid early reviews praising their wide variety of options, great drinks, convenient drive-thru, and fair pricing, reinforcing the community's overall positive anticipation since the restaurant’s grand opening at 2600 Bonin Road.

Community Impact and Commitment to Transparency

Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter welcomed TaD's investment in the community and looks forward to many meals at the new establishment. "I'm excited that they’re open and appreciate their investment in Youngsville. Looking forward to enjoying many lunches and dinners there," he stated.

TaD’s aims to continue their transparent approach in addressing community concerns as they strive to become an integral part of Youngsville’s culinary landscape.

We've reached out to TaD's of Youngsville for more information on their seafood clarification and will update this post with any additional information related to this subject.

For more information on the menu and offerings at TaD’s of Youngsville, you can visit their website at tadsrestaurants/youngsvillemenu and follow them on Facebook at TaD’s of Youngsville.

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