As if there aren't enough question marks surrounding Jameis Winston at the moment, the New Orleans Saints quarterback was absent from practice on Wednesday in London.

The Saints are overseas for a "home" game in a Week 4 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings and as they look to get their season on track, quarterback Jameis Winston was noticeably absent from practice.

According to multiple Saints reporters in attendance, Andy Dalton took first-team reps and Taysom Hill got some action at quarterback as well.

While the Saints almost followed this exact system last week, the two main differences that stick out are that last week, Jameis was in attendance taking mental reps and Taysom Hill was out with an injury.

This was obviously something that raised eyebrows as many fans are wondering if Jameis Winston's injuries are holding the Saints offense back after the unit has struggled to get going this season.

If we're being completely honest, outside of one impressive 4th quarter in Week 1 vs. the Falcons, the Saints offense really hasn't done much at all—especially considering the firepower and weapons available in players like a healthy Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, Alvin Kamara, and rookie Chris Olave.

After practice, Saints head coach Dennis Allen confirmed that the quarterback situation has not changed and Jameis was just taking a "rest day."

Although DA probably aimed to extinguish any rumors or stories (like the one you're reading right now, lol) he wasn't exactly firm with his wording.

While the Saints look for a spark in London (historically, this has actually been a thing) they will be doing it with a never-before-seen look as players were spotted with the much-anticipated black alternate helmets that will be worn with the color rush unis for the first time this Sunday against Minnesota.

There is nothing cute about looking good while losing, so let's hope our Saints find their identity and bring home a much-needed win—regardless of who is playing quarterback.

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