According to listeners, Acadiana High School is on lockdown and there is a heavy police presence around the campus.

We've reached out to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office which is in control of the SRO program at the school while Scott Police Chief Chad Leger reportedly told KLFY News 10 that his units were on the way to investigate as well.

UPDATE (5 p.m.):

New details in a release from Scott Police Chief Chad Leger confirmed that the man in possession of a gun on campus "near the school" was an 18-year-old Acadiana High student by the name of Jakari Pete.

It was quickly determined that Mr. Pete had left the school in his vehicle at which time, with the assistance of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff Department, the vehicle was located and a traffic stop was conducted. Scott Police Officers then proceeded to detain Mr. Pete as well as a 17-year-old juvenile passenger. Both subjects were transported to the Scott Police Department and a search warrant was applied for Mr. Pete’s vehicle. During the search, a rifle was located in the vehicle and Mr. Pete admitted during questioning that the firearm was his. No other fire arms or weapons were located in the vehicle during the search. At no time did Mr. Pete display, carry or walk anywhere on Acadiana High School Campus with any firearm.

Police also found drugs in Pete's vehicle as he now faces expulsion. A full list of charges can be seen in the full KLFY News 10 update here.

Scott Police Department, Facebook
Scott Police Department, Facebook

UPDATE (1 p.m.):

According to a previous KLFY News 10 report, Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber confirmed that this morning's lockdown at Acadiana High was the result of "a man carrying an AR-15 near the school."

Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber said the man left campus in a car and was taken into custody after being pulled over with an “AR-style rifle.

The campus was locked down for approximately one hour due to the threat and there were no injuries reported as classes resumed as scheduled after 10 a.m.

Police are still investigating the man's motive for carrying the gun near the school campus.

UPDATE (10 a.m.):

According to Scott Police and parents who received the notification, a shelter-in-place order has been lifted but authorities continue their investigation at the school.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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