In the world of football, you'd think the basics are all covered, but leave it to the newly arrived Derek Carr to drop knowledge bombs on the New Orleans Saints, including their versatile "Swiss Army knife," Taysom Hill.

Taysom Hill, who was recently (and controversially) compared to the legendary Jim Thorpe by an announcer, has been playing as many roles as one could in a football field—tight end, wide receiver, running back, you name it. The man's skill set has Saints fans raving, even if his chance of being the starting quarterback seems increasingly dim with Derek Carr joining the black & gold.

Yet, in a surprising twist, this former Raiders quarterback has shown even a seasoned NFL player like Hill that there are still tricks of the trade to be learned. In Week 1 of the NFL, as the Saints clashed with the Tennessee Titans, NFL Films caught a moment that has fans buzzing and probably many quarterbacks thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?"

In the clip, Carr is seen showing Hill a little something that could make a big difference—a piece of black tape over the ear hole of his helmet. Carr explains that this simple tweak "drowns out all the noise," allowing for better concentration and listening for incoming plays.

NFL Films, Twitter
NFL Films, Twitter

Taysom Hill's jaw-dropping reaction says it all. Captured on camera, Hill's face reads like he just discovered the secret to the NFL universe. After a pause that felt like an eternity in football time, all Hill could utter was a stunned "wow." It was as if he'd been given the Rosetta Stone for deciphering complex defenses or the Krabby Patty secret formula. For someone who has played under Drew Brees and seen a multitude of NFL tricks and tips, being surprised isn't something you'd expect.

Thankfully for Hill, the Saints play their home games at the notoriously noisy Caesars Superdome, where they don't have to worry about their crowd making noise during offensive drives. But it’s hard not to wonder if this small piece of tape would be the edge needed in other high-stakes arenas.

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So will we see Taysom Hill make his next appearance with that seemingly magical black tape on his helmet? Only time will tell, but what's certain is that Derek Carr's influence is already making waves in the Saints locker room. Carr's helmet hack might just be the first of many contributions to his new team, but for Hill, it was clearly a game-changer—or at least, a mind-blowing revelation.

With a season ahead that promises excitement and unexpected turns, the New Orleans Saints seem poised to continue keeping both their fans and their players on their toes. And who knows, perhaps that little black piece of tape will become the Saints' newest good luck charm.

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