Social media is playing collective detective after multiple south Louisiana crawfish restaurants said they were stiffed by someone using fake "movie prop" money.

I've always said that in the current day and age of cameras being everywhere (literally) combined with multiple platforms of social media, it's pretty hard to get away with crimes, being a bad human, or—in this case—both.

On Friday (Apr. 14), The Shack of Houma made a post on their official social media account asking the public for help identifying a man who allegedly paid with counterfeit money. According to the restaurant, the man dined in, ordering 4 lbs of crawfish and a beer.

The restaurant says that when the bill came he "put movie prop money in the guest check book" and "left quickly."

The post has been shared over 3,000 times as others began to wonder if it was the same man who used "movie prop" money to leave another south Louisiana crawfish restaurant high and dry just a few weeks prior.

Back in March, Cajun Critters complained that someone paid with fake "movie prop" money at their restaurant as well. The order was for 4 lbs of crawfish, Bud Light, and mushrooms; very similar to the order at The Shack of Houma.

There were other users on social media who suspected the same person could be responsible for a similar incident at C'est Bon Crawfish as well where a man was accused of dining and dashing on the bill in early March.

While all persons or suspects are innocent until proven guilty, there seem to be too many similarities here for this to simply be chalked up as a coincidence.

One thing is for certain; whoever is responsible for these crimes will eventually be sniffed out because as the shares continue to mount, it's only a matter of time until someone blows the whistle on these crawfish thieves.

If you recognize the individual(s) in the images from each respective restaurant, please reach out to them and be sure to share this post with your friends on social media so they can be on the lookout too.

Also, don't steal crawfish. That's just pas bon.

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