Jameis Winston is staying in New Orleans.

First reported by Josina Anderson, Jameis is currently finalizing a deal to return to play for the Saints in 2023. Ian Rapoport reports that the deal will be "worth up to $8M," according to a source.

Days ago we learned that Winston was offered a deal by the Saints as free agency loomed. After going down in the 2021 season with a terrible knee injury, it was definitely a tough break for Winston who was off to a good start.

Jameis worked hard to rehab his injury and started the 2022 season with a win against Atlanta before getting hit with the injury bug once again and never saw the field as a starter again for the rest of the season.

It was all but determined that the Saints had moved on from Winston as their starting quarterback, especially after New Orleans was about to go out and successfully get former Raiders QB Derek Carr in free agency.

Most people thought that Jameis would test free agency and look for a team where he could compete to be the starting quarterback and prove himself to be a starter once more in the NFL.

To say Monday night's news that Winston would be returning to the Saints was surprising would be an understatement.

Maybe Winston saw what was out there and figured he had a better opportunity to stay in New Orleans and take what the Saints were offering in a familiar system. It's sad to think that Jameis has accepted the fact that his days as an NFL starter have passed him by, but the only person who knows what's best for him and his family would be Winston himself.

It's no secret that the guy loves New Orleans and is the ultimate teammate. Regardless of the hand he has been dealt with the Saints, no one can say he hasn't been a class act through and through.

Another plus for the Saints is that they won't have "dead money" issues or nearly the cap hit from Winston's initial deal.

Another plus is that right now, the Saints have the two best quarterbacks in the NFC South on their roster—for what it's worth.

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