When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it's not just about diet and exercise. It's also about making sure the products we use in our daily lives, including laundry detergents, aren't filled with harmful chemicals. Many commonly available laundry detergents contain toxic ingredients like 1,4-dioxane, SLS/SLES, parabens, phosphates, sulfates, synthetic dyes, optical brighteners, and more. These chemicals can have adverse effects on our health, and they can be absorbed through our skin, our body's largest organ.

In an effort to help health-conscious families make informed choices, Women's Fitness and Style conducted extensive testing and research to identify the top five clean and non-toxic laundry detergents. Their evaluation involved popular brands like All, Seventh Generation, Tide, Persil, Gain, Earthbreeze, Arm & Hammer, Charlie's Soap, Nellie's, and many more. Spoiler alert: neither Tide or Gain made this list.

They assessed these detergents based on two critical criteria: clean ingredients and cleaning power. The goal was to find laundry detergents that not only steer clear of harmful chemicals but also effectively clean your clothes.

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Here are 5 Safest Laundry Detergents


5. Dirty Labs


WFS reported that this is a great product and liked that the packaging is "infinitely recyclable" however found it can be a bit pricey.

Dirty Labs Bio Laundry Detergents tackle dirty laundry with clean science. Phytolase®, our advanced enzyme cleaning technology, precision targets stains instead of fabrics, for a smarter natural laundry detergent that actually works.

4. All Free and Clear

All Laundry website
All Laundry website

While they did love the cleaning power and the scent, All Free & Clear still contains synthetic ingredients. It is not the perfect option but is affordable and available everywhere.

  • All free and clear is the #1 recommended detergent brand by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians for sensitive skin
  • 1st laundry detergent with the National Eczema Seal of Acceptance
  • Safer Choice Certified
  • Removes 99% of top every day and seasonal allergens*
    • Dog and cat dander, dust mite matter, ragweed pollen, grass/tree pollen. all® free clear is not intended to prevent or treat allergies.
  • Hypoallergenic, 100% free of perfumes and dyes

3. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Website
Seventh Generation Website

Seventh Generation is primarily plant-based and is hypoallergenic, however, it does contain sodium lauryl sulfate which can cause rashes for some people.

With Seventh Generation’s EasyDose™ Ultra-Concentrated Laundry Detergent, you get the right amount of liquid detergent every time. 1 squeeze = 1 load with our EasyDose™ detergent. Ultra-concentrated gets you 66 loads in a compact 23 fl oz bottle. Small Dose, Big Clean™: 60% less plastic, 50% less water, and 75% lighter when compared to our 90 fl oz bottle. Our Free & Clear formula is designed for sensitive skin.

2. Molly's Suds


Molly's Suds earned the second place spot on their list because it is made from safe, natural ingredients. Powerful enough to clean your dirtiest clothes without harmful chemicals.

  • Just one scoop (1 TBSP) per load
  • Powerful, deep clean
  • Made with only 5 earth-derived ingredients
  • Safe for everyone in your family and ideal for those with sensitive skin  
  • Can be used in standard, commercial, and High-Efficiency (HE) washers 
  • Highly-concentrated formula washes 120 loads of laundry
  • Available in 70 and 120 load sizes

1. Clean People Fresh and Clean

Clean People Website
Clean People Website

Once you try laundry detergent sheets you will never go back. Clean People Laundry Detergent Sheets are scientifically formulated with clean ingredients to powerfully lift stains and leave you with fresh clothing without any of the harmful chemicals. WFS said they even washed sweaty gym clothes and kid clothes with stains. Bonus points because it is 100% plastic-free and way better for the environment.

We have personally used these and can attest that laundry detergent sheets are the move. No mess and you won't accidentally over-pour, wasting money and product.

Works with all washing machines: Top Loaders, Front Loaders, and HE (High Efficiency).  Works with Septic Tanks too!

You can read their full review here.

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