The days of forgetting to send back something you ordered online are officially over. We have all driven around with an Amazon return in our car with the intention of dropping it off at the post office but never getting around to it.  On Wednesday, Uber announced they will have added a new service to their app for customers who need to send off a package but can't make it to the post office in time.

Uber drivers will collect five completely sealed packages with prepaid shipping labels and drop them off at the post office, UPS, or a FedEx store. Customers will pay a flat fee of $5 or $3 if they are an Uber One member.

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How Does 'Returning a Package' with Uber?

In 2020 the Uber Connect program was launched which allows customers to send packages to and from local destinations and with this new addition you can return packages.

Customers are instructed to open up the Uber app and select the package icon. They will then have the option to send up to five packages with one driver.

Once the drop-off location is selected the customer will pay a $5 fee or a $3 dollar fee if they are an Uber One member. Most packages are picked up and delivered within the hour. Customers will also be able to track their packages with live tracking provided in the Uber app as well as a photo of the receipt.

This new feature will make returning items you purchased online way more convenient. After your package is picked up and dropped at the selected drop-off location you will have the option to tip your driver to make your day-to-day life a little easier.

Where is this new feature available?

We only see this available locally in New Orleans as of now but it is an option in 5,000 cities across the country. Hopefully, more Lousiana cities will see this option added soon.

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