A viral video of a woman, now famously known as the "Romper Stomper," has gained nationwide attention. Dalanie DiSabato, the woman at the heart of the video, recently sat down with Barstool Sports' head honcho Dave Portnoy to discuss the brawl that turned her into an overnight internet sensation. In the video, DiSabato is seen coming to her mother's rescue, taking on two women in a porta potty at a Morgan Wallen concert at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

The Interview

During the in-depth interview, Portnoy and DiSabato watched the viral video all the way through. Despite the chaotic nature of the fight, Dalanie told Portnoy she had never been in a physical altercation before.


"It's the first time I've ever fought," she said. Portnoy acknowledged how calm and collected she appeared throughout the incident, even referring to her as a "trained assassin."

The Backstory

DiSabato offered insight into what led to the brawl. According to her, the incident occurred when she "had to pee really bad" at the concert. Unbeknownst to her, she cut in front of another girl who was waiting to use the porta potty. Dalanie's mother then guarded the door to keep the irate woman at bay.

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Dalanie could hear words being exchanged between the two from inside the porta potty. When she emerged, she found her mother in a skirmish with two women. "I did what I think any daughter would have done and just beat the f*** out of them," DiSabato recounted.


DiSabato mentioned that security did eventually approach her, asking her to explain the situation. After hearing her side of the story, security simply told her to "walk away from the area" and "go enjoy the show." She did just that, savoring the Morgan Wallen concert without any further incidents. It wasn't until the next morning when her phone exploded with notifications that she realized her actions had gone viral.

Barstool, Twitter
Barstool, Twitter

Even DiSabato herself was surprised by her combat skills after watching the video.

The Aftermath

The incident has garnered mixed reactions, but the majority of responses have been overwhelmingly supportive of DiSabato's actions. "I had to save my mom; I did what I had to do," she said, reiterating her stance.

Dalanie has now been flooded with interview requests and has seen her "Romper Stomper" fame skyrocket, something she finds "a little overwhelming." Meanwhile, her mother expressed disbelief that the video had gone viral but feels fortunate that her daughter was there to "save the day."

For those interested in watching the viral video, multiple angles can be found in the HOT 107.9 comment section through the link below.

For more information, please refer to the video links in the comment section of the original Facebook video clip.

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