When it's Memorial Day Weekend in New Orleans Louisiana, you can bet it's going to be hot. However, passengers aboard a double-decker sightseeing bus in the Big Easy didn't expect their tour of New Orleans to be this "fire".

TripShock via Youtube
TripShock via Youtube

According to reports the sightseeing bus also known as a Hop on Hop Off bus caught fire during its route around the city just after 2 pm on Monday. Hop on Hop Off busses are a staple in many cities around the world. The Hop on Hop Off model is relatively simple. The buses run a posted route through town. The company has various stops posted along the route.  This allows guests to hop on the bus when they want and hop off when they are near an area of town they'd like to explore.

I personally have used Hop On Hop Off Buses in New York City, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Dallas, and Denver. They are a great way to get to see a city without spending a ton of money on cabs or Ubers. The service is usually reliable and I have never experienced anything like what those guests in New Orleans experienced on Monday afternoon.

Below you can see the flames coming out of the back of the bus. There is some NSFW language on the video, but I can't blame the photographer for their exclamation, I'd have probably said the same thing.

The good news is that no one on the bus nor on the ground was injured. The company which runs the bus service City Sightseeing New Orleans said they will be investigating the cause of the blaze. They spoke glowingly about the way their staff and New Orleans Fire Crews handled the situation.

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