When you think of a "tiny home," you usually see it on wheels,  blocks, or something portable. A tiny home on a slab is a lot less common.

However, one St. Martinville-based builder pulled off the latter and did it stunningly.

Hubert Hulin Construction Services posted pictures on their Facebook page recently of the first tiny home they've ever constructed, and as you can see, it is simply beautiful.

It features two bedrooms and two baths and comes in at approximately 850 square feet.

How beautiful is that?

We had questions regarding this home so we reached out to the company for a few more details regarding this home and the build.

Office Manager Addy Simoneaux was kind enough to answer some of the questions we posed to the company.

1) A tiny home is usually mobile, so this is kind of a unique concept (in some respects). Whose idea was it to build a "permanent" tiny home?

Our customer.  Their lifelong dream was to live in a tiny house, so we worked closely with them to design and deliver an affordable solution that perfectly suited their needs while remaining in budget.

2) What's a ballpark price for a home such as this one?

Depending on the customer’s specific wants and needs, we customize the house to fit within their budget, making it challenging to provide an accurate ballpark estimate for a custom home. Best estimate is $170-$190 sq ft, could be less or more.

3) What area is this home located?

St. Martin Parish 

4) When building so small, is it a challenge to add storage? Any unique spaces in this home?

Minimizing attic space, there is a small storage building connected to the carport. The laundry room also has a big walk-in closet with shelves to store items.

5) Since posting this home, have you received a decent amount of inquiries from other folks looking to build a tiny home?

Yes, we have received multiple inquiries on social media, emails, and telephone calls.

Hubert Hulin Construction Services LLC, Facebook
Hubert Hulin Construction Services LLC, Facebook

If you or anyone you know is interested in building a tiny home with Hubert Hulin Construction, simply reach out to Addy Simoneaux at (337) 394-4744 or email asimoneaux@huberthulin.com.

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