Crawfish, it's about as iconic to Louisiana as Times Square is to New York City. In places like Breaux Bridge, Kaplan, New Iberia, and other communities crawfish farming or fishing has been a way of life for generations. Those who are in the industry share just as many, if not more ups and downs than those Louisiana residents who make their living in the oil and gas field.

The biggest story you've heard over the last three or four months regarding the crawfish season in 2024 has been bleak. Many "experts" have even suggested that there "won't be a 2024" crawfish season. The reason? The drought of 2023. Remember all the burn bans and the wildfires?

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The lack of rainfall kept ponds where young crawfish grow and develop while being burrowed deep in the mud from doing just that. Dry ponds mean no crawfish and south Louisiana certainly had its share of dry ponds. And those producers who were able to keep some water in their ponds are suggesting it was too little too late.

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Is There Another Source For Louisiana Crawfish?

There is. And for those of us who live in southern Louisiana some crawfish professionals are using words we a very unaccustomed to hearing. The better and more plentiful crawfish supplies will be coming from dare I write this, "gasp", central and north Louisiana?


A major crawfish supplier in the state says that crawfish farmers in the northern and central parts of the state were not as affected by the 2023 drought. Don't get us wrong, they were affected just not as badly as points further south.

The same professional suggested that because of a difference in the makeup of the soils in north Louisiana compared to south Louisiana, the crawfish were able to fare a little better in the heavier clay soil by burrowing a little deeper. A lot of farms in CENLA, that's central Louisiana for those who don't speak "Alexandria", anticipate their production levels to be near normal.

To quote an infamous line from a famous movie, "So you're telling me there's a chance"?

As you might imagine the prices that retailers will be asking will be astronomical in some parts of the state. And, many Louisiana families will have to curtail their number of crawfish boils, perhaps.

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But at least there could be enough crawfish to satisfy your cravings. I hear some places are offering deals where you can put no money down and have no interest for up to six months on three pounds of crawfish with some potatoes.

Did you see that price for 10  pounds of crawfish? $139? But it does come with potatoes. Hey, don't tempt us, we are just crazy enough to put ten pounds of crawfish on layaway for Easter Weekend.

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